The hardest thing…

The hardest thing about spending your whole post-pubescent  life thinking that you are fat is that, when you finally are a legitimate chubster, you have no idea.

I am officially 190 pounds.  I logged into the fitday profile that I (obviously) haven’t logged into in ages.  I really thought that I was always around 170/175.  Um, no.  I was in the 140s, which, for my (once) athletic 5’8 frame was perfectly average.  So, instead of just being some 15 pounds over where I used to be in college, I was am a whopping 50 pounds over where I, just 6 years ago, thought I could stand to lose a few.

So, is this going to be a “weight loss blog”?  I both hope so and refuse to let this be pigeon-holed so early.  So, yes, I hope to lose weight, and chronicle it here.  But I’m also going to share so much more about my life, my thoughts and everything else that (perhaps) I only find interesting.  Cheers.

June 8, 2009. Uncategorized.

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