3 pounds down! Unfortunately, it’s not the amazing landslide of weight that I was anticipating (isn’t Atkins supposed to give you 10, 15 pounds in the first 1-2 weeks?). But I’ll take it. My pants are fitting better (pants that I had to strain to button now are still snug, but can be actually put on without sucking in and leaving mean red lines at the end of the day). So, yes, 3 pounds down! Here’s to hoping that this week is that watershed week and it’ll start melting off!

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Stumbling Block

I had a beer last night.  Okay, two.  They were light.  But not on the “Approved Foods for Induction” list.   However, for the first time in the history of any diet I have ever done, I did not go on a big binge of otherwise-off-limits food because “Hey, diet’s ruined for today!”  I didn’t eat any of the delicious (and free!) snacks that were all breaded or carb-y or unhealthy that were offered at the event I was forced to attend.  I went home and had a small salad and some chicken breast for dinner (considering I was a bit buzzed from only eating a salad for lunch yesterday and the aforementioned two beers, this is another little vicotry).  So, I gotta buck up and get back on the horse – – – but, secretely, I’m a little, tiny tiny bit proud.

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On Preparation

Yesterday, when I loaded up on beef & peppers from the deli steam table, I thought I was making a good lunch choice. Eating it at my desk, though, I had the distinct impression that there was either corn starch or something sweet used to make whatever sauce taste/look “better.” I tried scraping to the best of my ability, but if there was anything non-Atkins in that lunch, I’m sure I consumed some of it.

So, after work, stopped by the grocery store and loaded up on lunch food. Turkey, ham, lettuce, sliced cheese. Going to have little roll ups for lunch today, and I can read/know the carb count of everything that goes into my mouth rather than just trust the guys at the deli. Day 2 down!

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So far so good.

So, one day of strict Atkins down.  The hardest part?  Not the carbs, not the wine – the caffiene.  I know it affects blood sugar levels, much more than I had ever thought before, but right around 4:00 today I was about to kill someone.  Pounding headache, stuck in an awful meeting where I really needed to be on top of my game.  Had to leave the meeting early to get some peace and quiet.  Am not really sure how long this “withdrawl” is going to last (thought two venti Starbucks and 6 diet cokes a day is probably going to be a tough habit to break) – – – but I have a feeling it’s going to be a LONG week.

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The Start.

I will be doing the Atkins Diet – how very retro of me, no?  I know it works for me (I lost about 20 pounds after the Freshman fifteen twenty) and I don’t necessarily like/need sweets (I got fat on cheese, bottles of wine, and sheer quantity of food).  I NEED to activate my gym membership – I’ve been paying for it for almost a year now, and haven’t ever actually gotten my (slowly-widening) ass to there to GET THE MEMBERSHIP CARD, much less actually use the machines. So, lots to do, to make this work.  Here.  We.  Go.

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The hardest thing…

The hardest thing about spending your whole post-pubescent  life thinking that you are fat is that, when you finally are a legitimate chubster, you have no idea.

I am officially 190 pounds.  I logged into the fitday profile that I (obviously) haven’t logged into in ages.  I really thought that I was always around 170/175.  Um, no.  I was in the 140s, which, for my (once) athletic 5’8 frame was perfectly average.  So, instead of just being some 15 pounds over where I used to be in college, I was am a whopping 50 pounds over where I, just 6 years ago, thought I could stand to lose a few.

So, is this going to be a “weight loss blog”?  I both hope so and refuse to let this be pigeon-holed so early.  So, yes, I hope to lose weight, and chronicle it here.  But I’m also going to share so much more about my life, my thoughts and everything else that (perhaps) I only find interesting.  Cheers.

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